A Mom’s Review: New China Opticians, Singapore


I usually don’t review non-homeschool or kid-related product, but New China Opticians, Singapore really made a difference.  Here’s why.

As a a SAHM with 2 young children (without help), I’m unable to do things like getting a new pair of glasses, facial or visiting the dentist very often.

However, after several chewing incidents and ripping my spectacles off my face (thanks to Elijah), my frame started to give way. Unable to park the children with their grandparents, I had no choice but to lug the children to the optician.

I dread that knowing they’ll fiddle with mirrors and will want to try on shades. A salesperson will then start to “chase” them around the shop, telling them not to break anything or touch anything.  Just too much pressure on me!

After much persuasion from the hubs, I decided to try New China Opticians, having read positive online reviews for its good service and affordability.

Of course, I had to mentally prepare myself for a few unhappy salespeople if my children were to drive them nuts.

Surprisingly, the people at New China Opticians were really nice to my children!

Hannah had accidentally knocked down their box of spectacles but they were genuinely okay about it.  I mean, sometimes a person says it’s alright, and yet you sense a tinge of unhappiness in their tone?  In this case, they were really accommodating.

Then, Hannah got thirsty and the water in her water bottle was running low.  The owner of the shop (Uncle Tony) then asked her get water from their water dispenser.

Not surprisingly, she happily filled her water bottle and continued trying on sunnies.  The whole time I was looking for my spectacles, Hannah was trying on different shades and asking me if she looked good.

Because the frames were displayed around the shop (without casing), I could only remind Hannah to handle them with care and to wear/remove the frames with both hands.

The salespeople and Uncle Tony let the children try on sunglasses and chatted with them.  I was able to buy time to hunt for my glasses…phew!

Moreover, Uncle Tony recommended me a frame that was flexible; able to withstand rough handling.  He certainly understood this customer’s need. 🙂

As they made their lenses on the spot, I could collect my spectacles in 30 minutes! Awesome…

Finally, the price I paid for my glasses was certainly an icing on the cake. 🙂

The people at New China Opticians made me feel at home. I wasn’t rushed to choose a frame and get out of the shop a.s.a.p.  I had the opportunity to hear Uncle Tony’s parenting journey while getting my eyes checked.  It didn’t feel like a trip to the optician, more like a casual conversation with your neighbour.

If you need to get your spectacles done, why not try:

New China Opticians Pte Ltd
Peninsula Shopping Centre, #01-11, 3 Coleman St, Singapore 179804


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. I’m just grateful mother that received excellent service and found a good deal to share. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.



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