While out in the playground one day, we saw a tiny lady bug perched on a monkey bar.  Hannah was fascinated by its bright colour and spots.  From then on, she was always on a lookout for ladybugs in the playground, books, and everywhere.

Seeing her keen interest in ladybugs, I decided to include a ladybug themed activity for the week.  I used red construction paper to create my ladybugs but you could also use orange and yellow.  To outline the body and head, I used a plate and a small bowl respectively.  Then, coloured the ladybug’s head and its abdomen black.  For the antenna and legs, I used black pipe cleaners.  I wanted Hannah to try colouring the ladybug’s spots so I drew circles on one of the ladybugs.

Well, the little girl was surprised to find ladybugs on her activity table, after her nap.  At first, she was carefully trying to colour the spots but somehow she ended up doodling all over!

After that, Hannah decided to take her beetles for a tour around the house.  She placed each of them under her feet and “glided” through every corner. She would stop and introduced: “This is kitchen/Hannah’s room/toilet…”.  It was interesting to hear Hannah interact with her new “friends”.

To round off the introduction, I shared with Hannah some facts about ladybugs:

  1. There are 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world.
  2. They come in different colours and patterns.  Ranging from red, orange and yellow.  They may have many spots or none at all.
  3. They are colourful for a reason.  Their markings warn other animals to stay away from them.
  4. As ladybugs age, the colour of their spots fade.
  5. They are good friends of farmers because they help eat aphids and other plant-eating insects.

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