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Doodle Champion Island Games, Japanese Legends and Folklore

Google Doodle Champion Island Games

With the Tokyo Olympics 2020 ongoing, we’ve have been supporting team Singapore and playing Doodle Champion Island Games!

It’s an online game that Google Doodle made in partnership with Tokyo-based animation studio, STUDIO 4°C. Players compete in the Doodle Champion Island Games as Lucky, the cat. There are seven sport mini-games and several side quests to complete.

Hannah’s classmates are playing this as well so they’ll share tips and tricks to complete certain quests and challenges. There’s quite a fair bit of followers! 😉

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Life in P1: Learning in a Transit Programme Class

It’s been a year since I’ve last penned a post. I hope everyone survived 2020 and is soldiering on strong in 2021. I still have no idea what hit me in 2020…memories of the year are pretty hazy. Not sure if it’s my mind trying to block out the unpleasantness.

While I’ve been quiet on this blog, I still update my Facebook page every now and then.

Image credit: Tim Gouw on Unsplash


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Why I Didn’t Want To Tell People My Kids Are In School

I contemplated for some time before typing this post. It has been quite a struggle within me to open up. We had placed Elijah into a kindergarten in April. As of now, both my children are officially in mainstream schools.

Grandparents, neighbours and our medical professionals (OT, Educational Psychologist etc) might have performed a little celebration dance upon hearing the news. “It’s about time you did that!” or “It’s better for him” were what they would say.

If I could see their thought bubbles, it might have been…

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Happy 36: Another Year Added to My Life

Photo credit: Flickr

To my friends and family,

Thank you for your birthday wishes. I turn 36 on Tuesday and many have asked how I had spent my day. Truth be told, nothing spectacular happened. The usual routine like picking the kids up after school and doing the laundry remained. It was nice having the hubs around this year to enjoy lunch with.

I pondered over the seasons of change. My birthdays seem to be quieter with each passing year. No more hurrahs. I especially enjoyed the hour or two where I sat by the bus stop, watching the wind blow the ‘flame of the forest’ trees, with my music on. It was calming. Something I had come to savour and value with age.

I questioned my nearly 7 years as a stay-at-home mother. The many days I follow the same routine day in and day out…it can feel like groundhog day repeating itself.

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10 Best Kitchen Buys from Ikea

Another 10 more days to Ikea Singapore’s 40th anniversary! This isn’t a paid advertisement for the Swedish megastore, but because this Ikea fangirl absolutely found these products worked great for me. Plus, it doesn’t cost a bomb!

1. KONCIS Garlic Press


I use to think garlic press is an accessory for the kitchen snobs. I mean, you could easily smash garlic with a chef’s knife?

When a fellow homeschooling mom shared how this nifty gadget speeds up her time in the kitchen, I was sceptical.  Yet after hearing several weeks of how good the garlic press is, I’ve decided to give this SGD$8.90 gadget a shot.

Boy, was I impressed! Firstly, I DID NOT have to peel the garlic. With just a press, I was able to get crushed garlic out of its skin. Washing the garlic press was simple since the insert is removable.

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New Routines, New Homeschool Curriculum

We are almost reaching the end of April. I’ve missed writing to you. I hope you’ve missed hearing from me.

Sometimes I wonder what I should write with our new schedule. Would it be like what most Singaporean moms talk about…the exams, core-curricular activities, or school woes? Or would I still discuss on homeschooling? I’m straddling both schools, and deal with an identity crisis from time to time.

So what have we been really doing?

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2017 Reflections and DRASTIC Family Decision


Blessed Christmas everyone!

I’m on my daughter’s desk, pounding my keyboards drafting this post, with the washing machine whirling in the background. I have SO much to say but SO little time to compose.

“What lessons have you learned from God this year?”

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More DIY Activities in Minutes!

Hey all! I’m so glad to be blogging again! These several weeks have been particularly difficult to find any time to blog. I tend to blog when kids are out with Daddy, or at night after everyone is asleep.  These days, I K.O. the same time as them! And with new activities (and events) fitted into our family schedule, I’ve haven’t had me-time or even couple time. I should have this issue resolved…but in the meantime…*deep breaths*

Previously, I shared 7 easy peasy DIY activities for your children. Here are another 2 more boredom busters for the family.


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Review: Chinatown Trail, Singapore


This is a backdated post of our Chinatown Trail in August – how we spent National Day 2017 before returning home to watch the evening’s National Day Parade.

Before embarking the heritage trail, you might find it useful to download the Chinatown Trail Booklet or Map from National Heritage Board. There’s a mobile application to download as well.

The Chinatown Trail Booklet includes the map and nuggets of information about each historical site. The estimated trail distance is 2.5km. Doable when bringing young children. Letting the kids scoot certainly help!

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Review: Yukon Sled Dog and Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt


Though we’ve been home for over 2 months, a piece of our heart is in New Zealand. And so, this week’s book review are of the things that remind us of the beautiful country. Continue reading “Review: Yukon Sled Dog and Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt”