Inch by Inch Activities

Here’s another classic children’s story that we enjoyed!  I borrowed the Chinese edition of Leo Lionni’s “Inch by Inch”.  By far, this has been Hannah’s favorite Chinese story.

The book title is “一寸虫”, which literally means an inch worm.  The illustrations are beautiful, the storyline is simple for Hannah to remember, and best of all, she took interest in measuring everything in the house after the reading!

“Inch by Inch” Activities

We did three activities for “一寸虫”.  Needless to say, Hannah enjoyed activity 3 the best!

Measuring with “inch worms”

I cut green pipe cleaners exactly an inch long.  Then we used it to measure the “Inch by Inch” book.  Hannah didn’t enjoy this activity.  She was more keen to use them for her cooking instead. 😛

Inch by Inch activity: painting an inch worm

Painting Grass

I wanted Hannah paint a picture of the inch worm crawling among the grass.  First, I stuck an inch worm on a piece of paper. Then I showed Hannah how to use a fork to create the grass blades.  As you can see, Hannah preferred splashing the paint rather than painting them in neat rows. Haha!


Measuring with Tape Measure

Now for Hannah’s favorite!  It’s the easiest activity that needs no preparation.  Just a tape measure and she’s off measuring everything.  From her feet, to her arm, coffee table, and every other furniture she finds.  As there were two measurements on the measuring tape, I showed her the difference between inches and centimeters.  We learned that 1 inch = 2.5 cm.



We both enjoyed our activities, especially when they are rather easy to clean-up and require little or no preparation.  It’s also a great book to get little ones started on Math too!

As I reflected on our activities, I’ve come to realize that sometimes, we adults tend to over-prepare and complicate matters.  We print, cut, glue, prepare all the learning materials, hoping to see our kids enjoy them.  Yet, most of the time, kids would prefer the simple stuff where they can imagine, wander around and have fun! Do you agree?


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