KidZania, Kuala Lumpur Review


February’s really about travelling for our family.  This year, we spent a week in Malaysia.  Having heard so much about KidZania from friends and relatives, we made it a “must-go” in our travel list.

If your child enjoys role-playing, this is one place he/she will come to love.  Children get to perform jobs and earn KidZos (type of currency used in KidZania).

With enough KidZos, they get to spend on products at the KidZania Departmental Store or experience jobs that require them to pay (e.g. artist at painting school or chef at cooking school).


Step inside and you’ll find yourself transported to a kid-size city: streets with lamp posts, various establishment, and the occasional fire truck blaring its siren on the road.

Now, before you travel to your nearest KidZania for some fun, here are some tips you might want to note:

  • Don’t waste time visiting if your child is below 4 years old.

Most tasks are suitable for kids aged four and above.  So it’s best to wait for your kids to be older.

  • Your child has to perform assignments on their own.

Parents aren’t allowed inside the establishment so the children have to interact with other children or KidZania employees on their own. However, you could watch them through glass panels.  So you might want to prep your children beforehand.

To start the ball rolling, your child could try working at CIMB Security Bank Vault, The News Straits Times Press, or PosLaju Courier Service.

The tasks are simple (deliver or collect items from designated establishment) and parents can follow along.  I found this a good way to ease Hannah into the new environment.


  • KidZania KL is closed on Mondays.

Avoid weekend, public and school holidays too.  Too much time wasted queuing.

To find out when are the public and school holidays, check KidZania KL’s Calendar under “Opening Hours”.

  • Parents, bring your entertainment and refreshments along.

Each assignment takes at least 15 minutes.  It gets really boring waiting by the glass panels.  Make sure you bring your favourite read or something to occupy your time.

There’s a lounge area for parents to relax on the upper level.  You could also purchase food and drinks in KidZania.

  • Be prepared to spend the entire day at KidZania.

Forget shopping or high-tea at The Curve Shopping Mall. Having spend over four hours at KidZania, we still couldn’t try all the jobs.  It’s best to plan with your child the jobs he/she wants to try using KidZania’s facility map online.  Jobs like fire fighter, flight attendant and pilot are popular with kids so there may be a queue.


  • Your child can perform the same job more than once.

While they track your activity by scanning your wrist tag, your child could perform the same job more than once.  Hannah enjoyed being a dentist so much that she ran back and asked if she could work again.  (Psst…it’s the most highly paid job too!)

  • Earn at least 120 KidZos if your chid wants to redeem a gift at KidZania’s Departmental Store. 

From what we saw at the departmental store, the cheapest item cost 120 KidZos.  So your child has to work a fair bit, given that he/she starts with 50 KidZos and the highest amount that can be earned is 12 KidZos.

  • + means you earn, – means you pay.

Before your child steps into an establishment, make sure they check “Economy” on the job post (see above picture).  A plus sign (+) means they’ll receive KidZos for completing a task while a negative means they have to pay before performing a task.


So did Hannah enjoy herself?  Well, it took her some getting used to.  She didn’t like entering an establishment alone.  This was surprising to me because Hannah has quite an independent character so I thought it wouldn’t be an issue.

Eventually, She warmed up, and was running along, saying “Kai”(means “Hi” in KidZania) to people down the street.

I hope these eight tips will come in handy when you make your way to KidZania, Kuala Lumpur!




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