10 Best Kitchen Buys from Ikea

Another 10 more days to Ikea Singapore’s 40th anniversary! This isn’t a paid advertisement for the Swedish megastore, but because this Ikea fangirl absolutely found these products worked great for me. Plus, it doesn’t cost a bomb!

1. KONCIS Garlic Press


I use to think garlic press is an accessory for the kitchen snobs. I mean, you could easily smash garlic with a chef’s knife?

When a fellow homeschooling mom shared how this nifty gadget speeds up her time in the kitchen, I was sceptical.  Yet after hearing several weeks of how good the garlic press is, I’ve decided to give this SGD$8.90 gadget a shot.

Boy, was I impressed! Firstly, I DID NOT have to peel the garlic. With just a press, I was able to get crushed garlic out of its skin. Washing the garlic press was simple since the insert is removable.


Use it to drain the dishes or as a colander. It certainly frees up space while I wash the dishes! For a price of SGD$5.90, the sturdy GRUNDVATTNET colander deserves a spot on your kitchen sink.

3. FINFÖRDELA Bendable Chopping Board

I love it when chopping boards come in a pair! The flexible chopping board makes it easy to pour food out without spillage, and anti-slip base helps give a firm grip on the countertop, The FINFÖRDELA chopping boards are now on sale at SGD$1.90 only!

4. CHOSIGT Grater with Container


The CHOSIGT grater comes with 2 graters. You can grate cheese or ginger into the container and store it for later use. I like that it comes with a lid as well. The CHOSIGT grater costs SGD$4.90.

5. DIREKT 3-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set


Essential kitchen utensils in my house – tongs, wok spatula and pasta server. Priced at SGD$9.90, these non-stick coated kitchen utensils can be used for all kinds of pots and pans.

6. PRUTA Food Containers, Set of 17


These versatile food containers are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. Need I say more? Get the entire set for SGD$5.90.

7. ISTAD Plastic Bags, Assorted Sizes

Made from plastic which contains at least 85% renewable content, these ISTAD plastic bags can be recycled with common plastic. You can choose different sizes for your various needs. I use them to store everything –  snacks, travel toiletries, toys, jigsaw puzzles etc.

8. DINERA 18-Piece Service


I really like DINERA’s muted colours and matt glaze. Comes with a dinner plate, side plate and bowl. It is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. Each part is sold separately so you can build your dinnerware set. Butterfingers me was relieved to buy them individually. 🙂

9. BEVARA Sealing Clips, Assorted Sizes


The BEVARA sealing clips keep all my dried food, cereal, fruits…fresh and crisp. 🙂 Cheap and effective!

10. UDDEN Kitchen Trolley


I live in a small space, so any extra working area is surely welcomed. The UDDEN kitchen trolley provides extra storage AND working space. Alternatively, the RÅSKOG trolley is a cheaper option that gives extra storage for all your kitchen tools.

And there you have it…my 10 favourite picks from Ikea for your kitchen. What are yours? 

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