The foot book


This is the first Dr Seuss’s book introduced to Hannah.  As I was reading the story, Hannah got down from the sofa and started stamping her feet and saying “feet, feet”.  She loved the repetition and rhyming of the text. Very soon (after the second reading or so), she was “reading” along with me.

Our book of the week activity was to outline our feet.  Eventually, Hannah started taking her dolls and animals out and wanted to outline their feet as well.

As this book was about opposites, I’ve expanded our book list by reading, “I love you through and through” by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak, “Black? White! Day? Night!” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, and “Goldilocks and the three bears” (yes, you can find opposites in the story too.  I’ll post more details next time).

We learned more about opposites through:

  1. sorting our library books into big and little books (I preselect the books to sort);
  2. arranging paper towel and toilet roll tubes from shortest to longest;
  3. using a see-saw with Lepao blocks and raising one side up and down; and
  4. building a tower that was as tall as Hannah.

At the closing of each “school” day, we sang along to the Opposites Song from “Learn English with Me”.


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