The Grouchy Ladybug Activities

The Grouchy Ladybug Activity - Telling the Time

L is for ladybug.  In this week’s letter-of-the-week, we read the story, “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle.

Studying the Ladybug

To start off, we drew a picture of a ladybug. We studied the insect’s body and structure.  Ladybugs have round or oval-shaped domes.  They have six short legs and two antennae.

Manners and Conduct

After reading the story, we discussed what were the things the grouchy ladybug did that weren’t very polite, and why we should treat others with respect.  We dig deep into our feelings, discussing how we’d felt if someone treated us in a grouchy, impolite manner, and how we should treat others the same way we’d like them to treat us.  I found the best time to talk was after Hannah’s nap, where she’s not too distracted and feeling refreshed.

Comparing Size

In “The Grouchy Ladybug“, we came across different animals and insects that were bigger than the grouchy ladybug.  We compared their sizes and arranged them in order; from the biggest to the smallest.

Telling Time

I downloaded a template of the clock faces from DLTK and had Hannah pick the corresponding clock face as we re-read the story.  This would be a good book to introduce time by the hour.  This was a good review for Hannah, as she was already familiar telling the time by the hour.  Hannah enjoyed this activity very much, and requested to play this game several times during the week.

If you have younger children, you might like to start off with this ladybug activity, which we did when Hannah was 2.  Having to bed rest most of the time, these activities were easy to implement and I could play with Hannah without moving much.

Do you have any other The Grouchy Ladybug extension activities to share?


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