What We Do on a Rainy Day

It’s wet, wet, WET throughout this week (and more to come). Here are some things that keep us occupied while staying dry. 😉

Create a story box

Story boxes are a great tool to allow children be their own storyteller. They encourage creativity, imaginative play and literacy development. It can be a scene from your child’s favourite story book, a show, or anything they imagine!

Things needed: any empty boxes, paint, crepe paper, paint and any craft materials you find at home.


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Doodles and paint



Painting and doodling are our usual in-between activities. I used to let Hannah doodle on mahjong paper. But it can be quite expensive in the long run. So eventually, I bought the Mala drawing paper from Ikea. It’s 30m long! That should keep little Ms H busy for a while.