Dealing with Late Talking and Sensory Processing


It’s almost 2 months since Elijah’s visit to the ENT specialist (read here).  He has been interacting with us a lot more and picking up new vocabulary; though his pronounced words aren’t clear.

After much reading about toe-walking and late talking, I thought I’d post some of the resources we’ve used and references I’ve found most helpful.  I hope it’ll be of use to someone reading this. Continue reading Dealing with Late Talking and Sensory Processing


Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

Last week’s book of the week was, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” A quick search on the Internet and you would find tons of activities related to it. Only problem was which one would interest Hannah, and doesn’t require much preparation?

I settled for two activities: eye spy bottle activity and shadow matching activity.

Eye spy bottle activity:

Shadow matching activity:


As Hannah wasn’t really into the eye spy bottle, I tweaked the activity by allowing her to search through the rice for the cards.

Hannah enjoyed putting her hands into the rice and feeling her way through to get the cards. Of course, eventually, she got engrossed playing with the rice grains.


The shadow matching activity was different from Hannah’s usual puzzles – peg, jigsaw and sorting puzzles. So she was excited to get things started. The little girl quickly managed to match the shadows, and she played two rounds.

We borrowed this book when Hannah was one but she didn’t took an interest in the story. Fast forward a year later, this little girl is completing the sentences and saying out loud the colours and animals. She was very much attracted to the purple cat 🙂

This showed me that, just like the introduction of new food, I should not give up trying, even when Hannah doesn’t show an interest in a book. What may not interest her now, may end up as her favourite read later.