DIY Alphabet poster



Rather than spending money buying an Alphabet poster, I decided to create one that Hannah could relate to.  It’s a no-frill, simple poster.  I used mahjong paper (you can purchase this at any stationery shop) and adhesive book wrap (aka contact paper).  You can get this at Big Bookshop, Popular or Evergreen Stationery Shop.  I pasted this at Hannah’s changing area so that she could view this everyday.


Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013


This is Hannah’s second year celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY).  We don’t usually decorate our house since we don’t have visitors.  This year, to help Hannah understand about CNY, I’ve tried something simple like creating paper lanterns and sticking festive decorations on our front door.  I showed Hannah how to use a scissors (she had been practicing with play dough) to create the lanterns.

I’m hoping next year we can do more exciting activities together 🙂

Play dough recipes!


These are play dough recipes which I’ve tried (some) and love. Thank you, mamas for sharing your recipes!

Learning to blow with a straw

Taught Hannah (16 mth) to blow and drink from a straw. We played games like picking up pieces of stickers with the straw.