Learning about colours


One of the ways of introducing colours to introduce Hannah (at 20 mths) was through food.  Now, when Hannah forgets the word “yellow”, she would say “banana”.  We had cheese, banana and egg yolk for the day.


Play dough recipes!


These are play dough recipes which I’ve tried (some) and love. Thank you, mamas for sharing your recipes!



Rainy day fun


During rainy days when mama’s feeling lazy, I’ll just take out balloons for Hannah to play. That’ll help keep our little one busy.

Home-made play dough

Improvised a recipe found on “No time for flash cards“. It was Hannah’s first experience with play dough. She, of course, couldn’t resist having some.


Making music!

We made a ukulele with an empty tissue box, rubber bands and a toilet paper roll. Hannah enjoyed it and even took out her xylophone as an accompanying instrument!


Paper top and stickers

IMG_0150 (Medium)

Hannah @ 17 mths: learning to stick stickers and making paper top using a paper plate and pencil/pen. The word of the day was “spin”.

Learning to blow with a straw

Taught Hannah (16 mth) to blow and drink from a straw. We played games like picking up pieces of stickers with the straw.


Remembering our first few visits to the library


This was probably our first few visits to the library on our own without Daddy (Hannah was then around 16 mths). Taking a public transport out on my own with Hannah seemed daunting at first.

Now, I’ve gotten the hang of it and we’ve been having lots of fun visiting libraries and malls at times.

Setting up an activity corner


At 17 months, I decided to let Hannah have a corner where all her toys are “housed” (the no. Of toys were steadily growing).

She now has a box of “mini library” where all the borrowed books go to too.