Power of Belief: Books That Make A Difference


Hello 2016!  Happy New Year to you!

A new year brings fresh beginnings.  At home, I’m revisiting my goals and vision for the family.  One of which is to raise my children as history makers. And I often look to books as a source of inspiration.

Let’s kickstart 2016 with six fantastic books that teaches children to believe in themselves and their actions make a difference.

894110The Firekeeper’s Son
by Linda Sue Park

Set in Korea in the early 1800s, Sang-hee, the son of a village firekeeper has to make a tough decision: should he lit the fire as instructed or satisfy his desire to see soldiers in action?

Hannah relates to this story because very often, she too, is caught between wanting to do what is right and what she wants.  This story highlights why doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost everything else.

15818591Red Kite, Blue Kite
by Ji-li Jiang

A historical fiction set in the time of the Cultural Revolution in China. Tai Shan’s father was sent away. Their only mean of communication was by flying their kites.

I love the bond between father and son, and how Tai Shan waits in anticipation for his father to return.

This tale of hope will resonate with young readers who have to deal with separation from a loved one.


Malala, a Brave Girl from Pakistan/Iqbal, a Brave Boy from Pakistan: Two Stories of Bravery
by Jeanette Winter

This inspirational picture book shares the story of two brave children who weren’t afraid to speak out against unfair practices in their society.

It’s definitely a conversation starter with our young ones, and their courage and tenacity serves an inspiration for all us to learn from!


Just Behave, Pablo Picasso!
by Jonah Winter

Great artists don’t usually paint things that people agree with.  In fact, everyone hated Picasso’s paintings at that time!

Do your kids feel rejected when others label their work as “ugly”?  Have them read this book!

Read our past review here.

13538696The Forgiveness Garden
by Lauren Thompson

Inspired by the original Garden of Forgiveness in Beirut, Lebanon, this story shares with readers how hate “eats” a person inside out and violence isn’t the way to resolve a conflict.

I’m certain this story has left a deep impression on Hannah because she still mentions the story from time to time.

15938465Fish for Jimmy
by Katie Yamasaki

Another historical fiction, this story takes place during the wake of the 1941 Pearl Harbour bombing.

Taro, Jimmy and his mother were sent to a Japanese internment camp. Jimmy soon becomes homesick and refuses to eat.

Having promised his father to take care of his younger brother, Taro slips out of camp, risking getting caught. His concern over the family becomes far greater than himself.

P/s: All books can be borrowed from public libraries in Singapore.

There are many books of characters who learn to believe in themselves and what they do have ripple effects that touches those surrounding them.

Did we miss your favourite?  Let me know which book you think should be added.


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