Celebrate SG50: Museum Hopping in Singapore

Did you manage to enjoy the free admission to some attractions over the Jubilee weekend?

I know thousands waited hours for the free cable-car rides, admissions to the Singapore ArtScience Museum and the Science Centre.  As for us, we spent our Jubilee Weekend at home with a sick child. Yea, tell me about it… :/

Good thing is, we can still enjoy free attractions even after the Golden Jubilee – MUSEUM HOPPING!Visit to the Singapore Philatelic Museum

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Get to know Singapore’s history through stamps!  Check out the first stamp issue when Singapore became an independent nation.

Discover the early trades in Singapore: We got to see how life were back in the early 19th century, try on red wooden clogs (a common footwear then), and smell the spices (Singapore was a prime redistribution centre for the spice trade).

Before we left, Hannah designed a postcard and mailed it to ourselves from the museum. She was excited to receive it the next day!

That evening after our trip to the Singapore Philatelic Museum, we made a cardboard mailbox.  I’m rather proud to say that it does somewhat resemble our local mailbox. 🙂

Singapore Philatelic Museum

National Museum of Singapore

We visited the National Museum of Singapore early August during Children’s Season (end May to mid August). Like our past visit to the “Masak Masak” exhibition, Hannah enjoyed herself thoroughly.  Read about our first visit here.

Singapore National Museum

Army Museum of Singapore

Besides visiting the gallery to learn about the Singapore Army, we got to see the “big boys” (tanks and trucks) up close.

We also tried our hands at the mini Standard Obstacle Course – one of the challenges a recruit will face in army.

That was really the highlight!

Army Museum of Singapore

Singapore Discovery Centre

While you’re at the Army Museum of Singapore, swing by to the Singapore Discovery Centre for more fun.

Visit the “#My Singapore – Ours to Create” exhibition to discover what makes us uniquely Singapore. Exhibition is from 27 Jun 2015 to 3 Jan 2016.

Singapore Discovery Centre

All visits to the museums are easily accessible via public transport.  They are within walking distance from the MRT stations.

Moms with strollers, fear not! 🙂

Enjoy learning Singapore’s past, present and future!


P/s: Hannah wanted to take a photo with the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew…and so we did!


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