Preschool Geography: Japan

Preschool Geography: Japan

Konnichiwa! In this week’s geography lesson, we talked about Japan.

Firstly, we located Japan on the map, then its flag.  We read up books on the Japanese culture and from the book, “A Carp for Kimiko“, we found out why they hang carp-like windsocks.

Hannah enjoyed reading this book very much, especially the section where the author teaches young readers how to address family members in Japanese.
Eg. Mother is “Okaa san” and Father is “Otou san“.  Alternatively, you could refer to this site.

Following the instructions in Country Topics for Craft Projects: Japan” by Richard Tames, we made a Kokeshi doll out of cardboard and wrapping papers.

It is said that Kokeshi dolls originated in the early 19th century, from the Tohoku region of Northern Japan, an area well-known for its onsen (hot springs).  These dolls were sold to onsen visitors as souvenirs.

Doesn’t the Kokeshi doll look cute? Hannah tried to colour her doll’s cheeks red. It’s not ketchup stains LOL!

Have fun globetrotting with your kids!

Preschool Geography: Japan (Kokeshi Doll)

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P/s: An update on the current situation at home. It’s difficult to keep up with blogging.  I’ve been sick over the weekend and the kids have just recovered from a long-drawn flu. Elijah’s waking up several times a night due to teething.  So, I’m really zonked out every day!


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