Picture This: June Has Come And Gone (…Going)

Just like that we are at our last week of June!

A quick review of June…

June holidays Singapore 2015: Dinosaurs

We managed to catch Dinosaurize Me! 2015 before the exhibition closed.  Our budding palaeontologist has been reading much about dinosaurs after the exhibition.  She’s been busy discovering new dinosaurs and naming them too! 🙂

Asian Festival of Children's Content 2015

We attended the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2015 at the National Library, Singapore. ACT 3 International together with three secondary schools put up literary adaptions based on the following books:

  • Emma’s Elephant by David Seow;
  • The Forest Fable by Gelyn Ong; and
  • Fun at the Opera by Susanna Goho Quek.

Hannah enjoyed the book Fun at the Opera very much and I thought it would be interesting to see the story come alive with dance and performance.

It was also our first time listening to a bilingual storytelling of “The Wolf Khan from the DMZ: Coward Wolf Khan” in Korean and English by Rosemarie Somaiah and Jeong Jin Lim. After the session, each child received materials ( which Jeong Jin had painstakingly prepared) to create their wolf puppet.

SEA Games 2015 Singapore

Invariably, we had to show up at the SEA Games Carnival 2015! How could we miss out on all the action and fun?!

The highlight of the day? I thought it would be trying out the sports games.  I was wrong.  It was posing with Nila, the SEA Games mascot! LOL!

June Holidays 2015 Camp

Finally, we end the month of June with our church retreat. It was Hannah’s first ride in a coach bus and Elijah’s first overseas trip. It was tiring for the parents but the children (okay, child) enjoyed herself thoroughly.  She got to stay up late, made new friends, hang out with her Sunday School friends, dance and sing to sing-a-longs. 🙂  She’s already asking about the next church retreat but I think I need a “retreat” after this retreat. 😛


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