Should I Homeschool My Child?

homeschool a toddler in Singapore

“Should I homeschool my child?” That’s the question that brought parents to last week’s homeschool sharing session.  It was an intimate sharing between homeschoolers and those thinking of homeschooling their children.

Sitting there brought back memories for me.  I remember being one of the “newbies” hoping to find out the various curriculum, how a day of homeschooling would look like and, of course, how to balance home and school.

Nearly 3 years on, I’m on the other side of the spectrum.  Sharing my experiences, the uncertainty I felt at the start, and the all the mishmash thoughts and feelings.

Preschool homeschooling in Singapore

As of now, the family’s plan is to homeschool the children through their preschool years. We continue to pray and see where God leads us on this journey.

If you’re considering of homeschooling your children through the preschool years in Singapore, you might like to know that:

1. There’s NO perfect or top 10 best homeschool curriculum.
What may work for others, may not necessarily work for your family.  Some families may rave about a curriculum but another may find it boring. And paid curriculum doesn’t mean it’s better than free curriculum.

2. Know your child’s learning style and your teaching style.
To make a curriculum work within your family, it’s important to know your child’s learning style and your teaching style.  If you can’t foresee spending a lot of time reading to your children, getting a literature-based homeschooling might probably kill you. Work within both you and your children’s comfort zone.

3. Be flexible.
At the start of homeschooling, I was so enthusiastic about doing everything that I started to have panic attacks and then a meltdown when I couldn’t achieve all that I wanted to do.  There will be times when you might need to slow things down.  And that’s perfectly alright! I’ve learned that when we stop enjoying ourselves, it somehow rubs on our children and they stop enjoying themselves too.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people
Homeschooling in Singapore isn’t a norm.  It can get pretty lonely and difficult, especially when concerned friends and relatives start to ask if your child is “socialising” enough, or can they keep up when they start primary school.  Surround yourself with fellow homeschoolers and know that you’re not alone. It gets even more fun when we start co-ops together!

5. Know why you’re homeschooling your child.
To me, this is the most important factor that keeps you going.  When everything goes awry, you need to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It is your compass to staying on course.

Of course, every season in life is different.  When I had only Hannah, I spend a lot of time preparing the materials and crafts for her.  As the family expanded, I find this a struggle. I had to tweak our school schedule, the materials used and the activities we have for school.

I felt guilty not being as involved as I was.  But I’ve come to accept that I cannot do everything on my own. We had to slow down, adjust and move on.

While preparing for the new school year, I constantly remind myself to keep it real.  Instead of trying to do ALOT at once, we’ll focus on the basics (i.e. Bible, Math, Language) before stepping up a notch.

For now, we girls are enjoying our time with the baby.  He’s growing all so fast. I know very soon, he’ll join in with his sister too. 🙂

Different faces of Elijah


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11 thoughts on “Should I Homeschool My Child?”

    1. Hey there!

      I love the fact that we can study almost any subject under the sun! From princesses to countries…we learn based on Hannah’s interest. We get to enjoy places without the mad rush and the weekend crowd (where parents bring their kids out). And of course, learning at our own pace!

      While there are fun times, there are also difficult periods. Like when I’m sick or her brother is sick, then study time is affected. Having to juggle housework, looking after a baby and teaching can be very challenging. Staying up to prepare for lessons when after a crazy day is a constant battle for me!

      1. I can relate to those, just after staying home for 3 years to take care of the kids (even though we didn’t really have any learning targets)! And there are things that are way more fun to learn when you can take the kids to the place rather than a class room….

  1. You have the sweetest kids! I have a question too- what is your reason for homeschooling? I will consider this option as well, when I will have kids and my main reason would be that I don’t want my children’s minds to be ‘Chained’ by the limitations of the traditional education

    1. Thanks Gabi! 🙂
      I have different reasons for homeschooling. That might probably be another blog post altogether!
      One reason is to allow Hannah to learn at her pace rather than having to keep up with everyone in class. Another is to spend more time with her especially during these foundational years, building up her character and values.

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog as I was researching more about homeschooling my girl who turns 3 this year (and coincidentally has the same name as yours!) 😊

    We are moving to California in 2 months time for a period of 18 months. During our time there, am exploring the option of homeschooling her. As a newbie to this, am getting abit lost in the sea of information.

    Could I get some advice from you – how do you get started with homeschooling? How do you decide which curriculum to use? How do you go about planning the day’s learning for your girl and how it fits into your overall schedule? I have a 4 month old girl as well (who would be 6 months by the time we are there) so I’m worried about juggling attention between both. How do you get your girl to go through a ‘lesson’ without being distracted? My concern also is that she may associate staying at home with ‘play-only’ since she currently attends a 3-hour preschool here.
    Apologies for the long list of questions but any advice is greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks 😊

    1. Hi Calister!

      So nice to have you around. Pardon the late reply. Hadn’t had time to sit down and pen down my thoughts lately.

      I got rather overwhelmed too when I started to research. So yes, you’ve gotta pray, pray, pray for wisdom. Like I’ve mentioned, it helps when you know the “anchor” in your homeschooling.

      I got to know about homeschooling through a friend. Then did more research on my own. Stumbled here and there…and carried on. Heh! It’s really a journey for both parents and children.

      After all the research, again go back to your “anchor” i.e: why are you doing this, and what do you hope to achieve.

      Know your child’s and your learning/teaching style. That helped me decide my curriculum, really.

      You could read reviews by others who used the curriculum. Pray about it. Borrow that curriculum, or purchase a second-hand one. That way, if it isn’t a fit, you wouldn’t feel so bad not using it. If you’ve noticed, the curricula I used are mainly free.

      I’m still tweaking our schedule as we move along. Now that the baby is sleeping lesser, I need to juggle between the two (excluding the housework and cooking!) so some days can be crazy still. 🙂

      I try to keep my lessons short. Breaks every now and then, especially when I sense that my girl isn’t focusing. She’s highly active so I know she can’t sit still for long. But there are times when she amazes me and requests to carry on even when I call for a break.

      What I’m trying to drive at is, I’ve got no perfect solution. I don’t have one for myself either. Our schedule evolves at different points in time. So does our curricula. You’ve just got to take the plunge and adjust as you go along.

      It will be difficult for your girl especially with a change of environment,not being able to see her friends for some time, and with everything familiar. Likewise for you and the rest of the family. So go easy, take time to settle down and enjoy the new sights and sounds!

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