Crash Course: The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me

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When I became a mom, I really found it so difficult to find time to read.  I hardly borrow books for myself.  It’s always about the children. About two weeks ago, I decided I SHOULD find read books for ME.  This is my first book and I’m glad to have picked this up.

As the author, Kim Bearden shares her highs and lows throughout her teaching years, she inspires her readers to find joy and meaning in our lives.  This book isn’t just for teachers or educators.  Parents will come to enjoy this book as we are reminded to look to our children with renewed spirit.

I enjoy reading Kim’s “class notes” and “homework” at the end of every chapter.  “Class notes” summarises what each chapter discussed, while, “homework” allows the reader to put what was learned into action. So if you’re really short of time, you’ll still benefit from the book just by reading “class notes” and “homework”.

Here are my favourite quotes:


It is easy for all of us to become discouraged when we feel that we have nurtured a child who doesn’t respond to our efforts. But we must cling to the hope that our efforts have made a difference and that one day, that child will draw on the things that we have instilled within them.

Do you often grow weary after having episodes with your child?  It can get frustrating when your child apologises and then commits the same mistake again and again.  I have many of such days with Hannah.

Often the power struggle would leave me feeling exhausted and exasperated.  This led me to frequently wonder if I was really making a difference, and I felt unappreciated despite all that I do.

As I read Kim’s story about her daughter, I hope to believe that one day, the seeds I sowed in my little girl’s heart will take root and grow.

Crash Course - Kim Bearden


As long as the greatest investment in your home is the love that you create and spread, you, my friend, have succeeded in my eyes.

Do you often get little voices in your head telling you that you’re not doing enough? Have you encountered moms (or dads) who  made you feel inadequate? I often feel guilty about not doing enough.  For instance, not attending the different co-op that we would like to attend…unable to spend as much one-to-one time with each child…(you get the picture). We need to release the guilt and stop trying to measure up with others.

When we focus on building a home with love, everything else is secondary.


  • Make a list of things you would love to hear your children say about you. Prioritise your time around the things that will yield the greatest return with your family.
  • Assess your involvement with your child’s life.  Are you there to support and guide them or are you doing everything for them?


We all have unique talents and gifts that we are meant to share with the world – we just have to be open to discovering them. You can have an impact on others that you might not have realised simply because you are choosing to focus on things that you think you can’t do instead of the things that you can do.  You have something to offer this world. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

As a parent, I hope to hear teachers compliment how well behaved my children are.  On the flip side, teachers would tell me how active Hannah is and that she doesn’t stay put for long. Sometimes I feel at loss upon hearing such remarks.  But I know she is made special.  I know she tries her best not to move in class but it takes every fibre of her being to sit still and not fidget.  It’s hard work on her part.

Rather than wishing she would be a model student sitting still, I try to focus on her gifts and talents; like her compassionate spirit.  She tells me that she hopes to have a magic wand so that she could help people recover from their illness.  Hannah is always looks out for babies and younger children in her Sunday School and co-op.  She gets stickers from her teacher for being helpful.  She likes to encourage the young children whenever they feel nervous attending Sunday School on their own.

Make a list of your child’s gifts to remind yourself of his strengths and celebrate them.  Make a list of your talents too, and reflect how we could use our gifts and talents daily.



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