Geography for Kids: Big City Explorer

Big City Explorer Book

Over the past weeks, we “travelled” the world from the comfort of our home.  The children caught the viral fever and had to stay home for nearly three weeks.  Books such as the “Big City Explorer” (by Maggie Li) were great company during those miserable days.

Similar to “Walk This World” (our review here), you’ll find the country’s flag, local attractions, native animals in “Big City Explorer”.  However, this book is written in an informative manner rather than a story.  Think Lonely Planet guide – kids’ edition.

Inside of Big City Explorer Book

I was pleasantly surprised to find Singapore in the book! Being just a dot on the map, and with no natural resources, it’s no wonder we’re usually excluded. I’m glad that “Big City Explorer” included Singapore so young readers will come to realise that this little island is not somewhere in China, or a state in Malaysia.  I’ve heard such assumptions from people I meet during my backpacking days.

What’s cool about this book is that it includes a compass to help readers navigate their way (from one country to another).  Good opportunity to learn how to use the compass!

Keen to get your preschooler to learn about the world?  Here’s what we did to make our learning a bit more fun.


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