Donate your “Declutter”

Donate your "Declutter" - Pass it On Organisation, Singapore

I’ve seen a lot of furniture and household items being thrown out during the Chinese New Year season.  As I spring-clean the home, I was reluctant to throw out our two-seater sofa.  It came together with a three-seater when we bought it three years ago.  The latter gave way and this two-seater was too small for our three bottoms.  We purchased another sofa and the two-seater sat at a corner of our living room for a while.  It became a home for Hannah’s stuffed toys.

Now, with Elijah, the number of things in our house have multiplied.  I needed space!  It was starting to feel claustrophobic with so many things around.  This two-seater has to go. But it was still in good condition. The dilemma!  

Then I stumbled upon “Pass It On” while reading a community magazine, “Voices”.  It was a website where we could donate used items to low-income families or people in need of help.  You could either put your items up for donation or respond to one of the wishes if you have an item that a person is looking for.

Pass It On: Donating Used Items

As I browsed the wish list, I read that a pair of elderly ladies who wanted a two-seater sofa for their home. Marvellous!

Immediately, I responded to their request and a couple of days later, a social worker from a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) contacted me to arrange for the collection.  The movers arrived today and the ladies could get their sofa in time for 元宵节 tomorrow (the fifteenth day of Lunar New Year; marks the end of the festive season).

The entire process took less than a week and it was effortless. Hooray! The sofa found better use and I managed to reclaim our space again. 🙂

Do you have a pre-loved item that’s in good condition and you can’t bear to throw it away?  Log on to “Pass It On” and you might make someone’s day today!

Note: There’s a delivery cost of $30 per item. Donors can choose to bear the cost, send item to the VWO/person in need or VWO/person in need to bear costs, or otherwise stated.


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3 thoughts on “Donate your “Declutter””

  1. I am a member of several online reselling sites. I love them. I have gotten rid of baby clothes and other baby/kid related items. I made a few dollars. I used that to purchase things from those same sites.

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