Chinese New Year Activities: Enjoy, Eat, Play

Chinese New Year in Singapore: Chinatown

Enjoy: Visit to Chinatown

This week, we visited Chinatown to enjoy the sights and sounds of this Spring festival.  During this time, you would find many set-up stalls selling Chinese New Year decorations and yummy-licious food.  As we walk along the streets, we hear the traditional Chinese New Year music, hanging red lanterns and the tantalising smell of bak kwa (savoury sweet BBQ meat). Yum!

Hannah came across a paper dragon toy and wanted to have it, but it cost more than I expect.  She went home feeling disappointed and even tried to convince her father to let her buy it.  Sadly, it was also a no-no from Daddy too.

Play: Paper Dragon Craft

To cheer Hannah up, I tried to google around for a similar craft.  Thanks to the Internet, we managed to find one! You can download a template of a dragon head and tail here.  It’s fairly easy to do.  Grab a pair of chopsticks or skewers and coloured paper to make your paper dragon craft. 🙂

Chinese New Year Activities: Paper Dragon Craft

Eat: Dried Persimmons and 年糕 “Nian Gao” (Sticky Rice Cakes)

We came across dried persimmons and “nian gao” in Chinatown, and decided to get them for New Year.  Hannah isn’t adventurous when trying new food; but was game enough to try both.  Final verdict: she’s not a fan of these festive snacks.

Chinese New Year Food: Dried Persimmons and Nian Gao

And for the remaining days of Lunar New Year (15 days), we’ll be busy visiting our relatives, counting our “hong pow” (red packets) and recycling the used packets to make firecrackers.

Happy Lunar New Year!


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