Letter of the Week: G is for Ginger Bear and Grapes

Letter G Week: Gingerbread Bear and Grapes

I’m sorry it’s been a long silence on my blog.  Things have been rather crazy in the house…leaky-nosed, whiny kids, sick tempermental mama. Complete mayhem! Finally manage to find the time and energy to blog again.

Our letter G week had us eating grapes and raisin bread, reading Ginger Bear and discovering how raisins are made.

Books to Read: Ginger Bear by Mini Grey

We had fun reading Ginger Bear.  A young boy named Horace makes a bear-shaped cookie.  Whenever he tries to eat it, there was always a reason he couldn’t do so: the cookie was too hot, he hasn’t had his dinner, he has just brushed his teeth.  (Something Hannah could surely relate to!)

Then at night, Ginger bear comes alive! He tries to create other cookie friends.  Sadly, his newfound friends were all eaten up by Horace’s dog!  Finally, Ginger Bear found his “happily ever after” at a window display of a bakery.

Books to Read: Grapes to Raisins by Inez Synder

In this Scholastic series, we learned how grapes are turned into raisins.  The book was informative, concise and pictures provided helped Hannah understand the text clearly.

Activity: Making a Raisin Bear

Letter G week: Ginger Bear and Grapes

No time to make a ginger bear from scratch? Or are you a baking idiot like me?  Then this one’s for you!

Using a slice of raisin bread bought from the supermarket, we created our raisin bear.  To create the bear’s face, we used a cup to cut out a circle.  Then with a butter knife, Hannah cut out the corners of the bread to create raisin bear’s ears.  Then, tear a small bit for the nose, another for the mouth and raisins for the eyes.  Voila!

Letter G week: Ginger Bear and Raisins


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