DIY Foam Letter Builders

DIY foam letter builders

I finally got about creating these foam letter builders!  If you have a child that’s learning to write, this will help make pre-writing instruction easy.

I learned this idea from Erica of “Confessions of a Homeschooler”.  And upon further research, I found that “Handwriting Without Tears” (a handwriting curriculum) uses a similar material as well.

How to create letter builders?

The builders comprise of:

  • long and short lines;
  • big and little curves and;
  • dots for lowercase letters.

You can refer to Erica’s magnetic alphabet builders for a template.  Otherwise, you could, like me, trace the curves with a circular object and cut them out.

There’s a slight variation to my letter builders, I’ve added an even shorter line to make three different lengths. While playing around with the builders, I’ve noticed that I needed an even shorter line to make the lowercase letters e.g. “m” (as shown above).

How many pieces do I need?

You can cut as many pieces as you like.  The number of pieces really depends on how you are using the builders.  I’ve cut 4 pieces for each size so that Hannah can form at least one capital letter and one lowercase letter.

How to use letter builders?

I’m no expert in this.  But here are some of the things we’ve done:

Pre-writing: I demonstrate how a letter is formed using the builders.  As I form each stroke, I say the letter formation “chants” (taken from “ABC Jesus Loves Me”).  It does help Hannah remember the writing strokes.  Then, Hannah imitates what I’ve done.

Numbers and Math symbols: This one was thought by Hannah herself!  You can learn how to write numbers, math symbols like: greater than, less than, equal, plus, minus, divide etc.  Then form equations as your child progresses.

Patterns: Again, Hannah came up with this. You can create patterns or simply have fun creating smiley faces.  🙂

For us, these letter builders come in handy when Hannah doesn’t want to pick up her pencil.  We still can get around to practice writing without the frustration.


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