DIY “Big Girl” Room Makeover

When I found out I was pregnant with Elijah, we made plans to move Hannah out of her room.  To help ease the transition (without the impression that she’s been evicted from her room) , I decided to decorate the new space with Hannah’s favourite colours: pink and white.

I knew the makeover would never look like any of those pinned on Pinterest.  With minimal space and pregnancy issues, the makeover had to be kept simple. Thankfully, we didn’t have to repaint the walls as the feature wall was already pink, and the furniture were white. Phew!

With my growing tummy and whatever energy I could muster up, I did several simple DIY decorations. We purchased the bulk of the items from Ikea.

Big Girl Room Makeover

Personalised Name Plate

I created Hannah’s name plate using rub-on letters (meant for scrapbooking) and paper doilies. Then, pasted on her pink STUVA wardrobe.

Storage Boxes

The pink and white PINGLA boxes matched the room perfectly!  They were the right size for our built-in shelves.  It could fit three boxes on each shelf.  Great storage for Hannah’s toys, puzzles and knickknacks!

Hanging Doilies and Pom-poms

I hung paper doilies and pom-poms for the finishing touch.  The paper doilies and pom-poms were bought from SKP and Daiso respectively.  You could refer here to create the paper doilies.  As for the pom-poms, I simply tied two halves together.

Monogrammed Jewellery Box

You know your little girl is not so “little” anymore when she starts to doll herself up. A jewellery box would come in handy. 🙂  It was made from an empty “Laughing Cow Cheese” container.  I got a customised jewellery box by glueing coloured paper, decorative tape and doily together.

Wall stickers for children's room

I bought DIY wall stickers (affiliate link) for the children’s room.  It’s a quick and easy way to jazz up a plain wall. I didn’t snap a photo of the wall stickers so have taken these from the seller’s website to show you the designs bought.  There are so many designs to choose from!

Overall, I managed to get the room ready before Elijah’s arrival.  Hannah was happy to find her favourite colours in the room.  More importantly, she was willing to sleep there! To me, that makes the makeover a success. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “DIY “Big Girl” Room Makeover”

  1. I like your blog, the arts and crafts are awesome! I love the bits and bobs you used to decorate your daughters room 🙂 I’m planning on sending you a ping back later on today 🙂

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