Letter C Week: Coffee, Counting and Cows

Letter of the Week: C is for Coffee Painting

Coffee Painting

Did you know that you can find inexpensive”paint” around the house?  Coffee is one of them!

For our letter “C” week, we used this aromatic powder as our paint medium.


Coffee grounds or instant coffee (which we’ve used)
Drawing paper


1. Soak coffee grounds or instant coffee crystals in water. The longer the grounds steep in the water, the darker the “paint”.  This allows you to achieve different gradients of “paint”.

2. Draw with crayons.  Try drawing with white crayon for a different effect.

3. Dip paintbrush into coffee and “paint” over the crayon drawings.  You might like to try waiting for one layer of the coffee to dry before painting the second layer.  It’ll create a darker shade.

Extension Activity:

Coffee grounds make a wonderful medium to discuss about our five senses.  We talked about the smell, colour and feel of coffee grounds.  Hannah loved the aroma!

Letter C Week: Counting with Utensils

Counting with Utensils

C is for counting.  We don’t own any counting manipulative so I decided to count our spoons and forks!  Other than counting the number of forks and spoons, Hannah was to decide which was more and counted its difference.

Reading List

Here are some of the books we read during the week:

  • From Grass to Milk by Stacy Taus-Bolstad: The book discusses the production of milk – from a cow to its processing, transporting and packaging.  It’s an easy to understand book to help Hannah understand how her milk gets to the store.
  • My First Biography: Christopher Columbus by Marion Dane Bauer: We enjoyed reading this series by Scholastic very much.  It provides an overview of the characters without overwhelming the little reader with too much facts.
  • Letters Around the World: Canada by Andy Orchard: The book introduces Canada from a child’s perspective whilst providing facts about the country’s climate, history, geography, festivals and culture.

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