Dye Art: Crepe Paper Colour Transfer

Crepe Paper Colour Transfer

How can we paint without using paint?  Crepe paper’s the answer!

With the return of haze and my slow movements, we’ve been staying home most days.  After finger painting and watercolour painting, I’m been sourcing for other painting alternatives.  I don’t know what this craft is called until I googled it.  You can search for similar projects under “bleeding art tissue paper”.

Here’s how we did it:


Thick drawing paper
Crepe paper in various colours
Paint brush


1. Cut the crepe papers into strips, approximately 3cm thick.  But you can create thicker bands if you like.
2. Open and arrange the crepe paper in any way you like on drawing paper.
3. Dip paintbrush in water and dab on the crepe papers.
4. Leave them to dry.
5. Once dried, peel off the crepe papers.

The end result has a tie dye effect.  And oh, if you’re using tissue paper to create this effect, be sure to use bleeding art tissue.  I’ve read that those tissue paper used for wrapping doesn’t work.  In my opinion, I think it’s easier to stick to good ol’ crepe paper – cheaper and has the same effect.

Extension Activity:

You could use the finished product as wrapping paper, frame it up or do what we did – punch lovely flowers and use them to decorate greeting cards.  I love the tie dye or “ikat” effect!

Dye Art: Crepe Paper Colour Transfer


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