#Washified: Storage Cabinet Makeover

Plastic Storage Cabinet Makeover with Washi Tapes

Now, at 34 weeks pregnant, I’m battling with time and energy to finish the nursery and Hannah’s big girl’s room.  I’ve been feeling like a sloth again; snoozing now and then.  It hasn’t been easy to keep myself awake.  Sometimes, I’d doze off and Hannah would tap my shoulders to wake me up! I’ll keep my post short and sleep as early as I can.

Here’s a project I’ve managed to complete this week: my washified storage cabinet!  I came across several moms blogging about their projects with washi tapes.  That made me itch to do something crafty!  Looking at my boring, sterile storage cabinet (see above), I knew I had an upcoming project.

Thanks to Justina of “Mum in the Making“, I’ve discovered that Daiso sells washi tapes!  Purchased several rolls at $2 each. Hence, my maiden project began…

Makeover plastic storage cabinet drawers with washi tapes

Here’s the completed look!  I did this while Hannah was out with her grandparents, and when she returned, she immediately spotted the difference!

It didn’t take much time, and certainly it was easy to do.  This makes a great back-to-school makeover for your homeschooling room too.

I’ve certainly been washified!  Have you?


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8 thoughts on “#Washified: Storage Cabinet Makeover”

  1. Yay! This looks so pretty with all those patterns! (PS: Its great you are trying to rest when you can. Take it slow. I know I used to fall asleep too when preggy and J would wake me too!)

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