Teacher’s Day 2014: DIY Doily Gift Wrap

Teachers Day 2014: DIY Doily Gift Wrap

This Friday is Teacher’s Day in Singapore.  And we wanted to appreciate the teacher volunteers who turn up early every Sunday morning to teach the preschoolers.

We hope to sweeten their day with some Hershey’s Special Dark Pure Chocolate Pearls and Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Pearls.  For the gift wrap, I bought a pack of doilies from SKP (a shop known for selling packaging items and party ware).  It cost around $3 for 250 pieces. Then, Hannah decorated them with red and pink Dot-A-Dot Art Markers.

I came across a lovely candy bar wrapper by Urban Bliss and found the message apt for our gift.  Thank you Marlynn!

As for Hannah, she enjoyed the process of colouring the doilies and is excited to give her teachers the presents.

It is our simple way of saying thank you for the sacrifices made, the time and effort to care and love our little ones.


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