Fabulous Daiso Finds for Art and Craft

Homeschool Crafts' Fabulous Daiso Finds for Art and Craft

I’m usually an organised person.  I’d pen down my to-buy list before shopping but at Daiso, it’s never possible to keep to my list.  At least one or two items might find its way into my shopping basket.  😛

I’ve shared some of the wonderful Daiso finds for the home and for our kids.  Today, I’ll be sharing five fabulous finds for art and craft.

1. Felt Fabric

There are long rolls of felt (70cm X 60cm) and smaller sized felt with adhesive back.  Depending on your handicraft, you could make a felt bag with the long rolls of felt or felt stickers with the adhesive felt.

These are some felt craft that we’ve done: DIY felt Christmas tree, Chicka Chicka ABC extension activities and Felt triangle art


2. Craft Scissors

At around 18 months, I introduced Hannah to using scissors (you can read my thoughts here).  The plastic craft scissors set that we use had six interchangeable blades, which is great for crafts!

Fabulous Daiso Finds for Art and Craft

3. Poms poms, spangle set and pipe cleaners

These craft materials are great for embellishing just about anything.  You could use them to make cards, accessories and decorative items.  They are guaranteed to keep your kids busy for hours.  Here are some ideas to share: Inch by Inch activities,  Pom pom nest and DIY Alphabet bottle lid game.


4. Craft Punch

Almost every crafter has at least one or two shaped craft punch.  Use them for party decorations, gift-wrap, cards…and so much more!  We love that it cost only $2!  We used the plum blossom punch in our counting exercise.


5. Florescent/Glitter Glue

You could get bottles of glue in florescent colours or glitter.  I like that it’s sold in bottles and not in pens.  Hannah seems to have better control with the bottles. She needn’t squeeze all that hard to get the glue out. Check out our toilet paper roll fireworks using glitter glue.


And that wraps up our series of fabulous Daiso finds!  I know there are plenty of other gems to discover.  One could find something unique at every Daiso outlet.  I’ve enjoyed reading other great finds posted by bloggers.  Do a search on “Daiso finds” and you’ll see lots of bloggers going gaga over their purchases. 🙂


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