Fabulous Daiso Finds for the Kids

Singapore Daiso Fabulous Finds for the Kids

Last week, I shared five fabulous Daiso finds for the home.  I’m glad to have received many replies from you and how you love Daiso!  THANK YOU!

A quick summary for those who may not be familiar with Daiso: this brand started off as a 100-yen shop in Japan.  Now, you can find Daiso in many countries, like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Canada and the U.S.  Most of the items are often tagged at a fixed amount.  For Singapore at least, everything cost $2.

This week, I’ll be sharing five great finds for our children!

1. Play Dough and Modelling Clay

You might have already known the benefits of allowing your child play with dough. Besides improving their fine motor skills, playing with dough helps with the child’s creativity and imagination.  It’s a great tool to develop their mathematical and language skills too!   My daughter seems very calm whenever she plays dough. Ohm…

Daiso sells play dough and modelling clay.  They come in a variety of colours and are non-toxic.  You could get a set with the dough cutters or just a bucketful of colourful play dough. As they come wrapped in plastic packaging, you’ll need to store the dough in air-tight containers to prevent them from drying out.

For play dough ideas: The Carrot Seed activities, Learning the Alphabet, Making Animal Tracks, Moses Bible Activity


2. Musical Instruments

Jing-jang! Cling-clang! If you’re looking for simple musical instruments like triangle,recorders, tambourine, castanets or bells, Daiso has them all!  While we often make our music instruments, I’m clueless as to how I could make a triangle without scrap metal parts or a bell without jingle bells.  So you could imagine my excitement when I saw these musical instruments!

Fabulous finds at Daiso Singapore for the kids

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

The first set of jigsaw puzzle bought for Hannah came in a pack of four; each set of varied degree of complexity. The first set comprises six pieces and gradually increases until the last set with 20 pieces. Then, we progressed to a 36-piece jigsaw puzzle (shown in the picture).  Your children could even create their own jigsaw by purchasing Daiso’s 25-piece blank jigsaw pieces. These make great, unique gifts for family and friends.


4. Fishing Game

The grandmother bought this fishing game last year and it has always been Hannah’s go-to game from time to time.  I’d spread the sea animals around the “sea” and have her fish them.  For each successful catch, she names each sea creature and its colour in Mandarin (Mama’s subtle way of getting Hannah to speak Mandarin more often).  You could also play this game as part of the “Ten Little Fish” extension activity.


5. Beach and Sand Toys

Hannah loves the beach and sandbox play! She could spend hours digging in the sand, building sand castles and creating sand aircrafts with the moulds.  These beach and sand toys make ideal companions for any beach or sandbox play.  Because they don’t cost much, I don’t feel too bad if her toys get lost in the sand, or when she had forgotten to whom she lent the toy too.


I know many of us would agree that a list five finds is never enough!  There are many other great buys for kids waiting for me to discover. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Fabulous Daiso Finds for the Kids”

  1. good post! cant agree more!
    my boys love the playdoh! they love playing with sand and playdoh when we stayed abroad. besides going to the beach where can we find sand pit here?

    1. Hi snowman78 (sorry! couldn’t find your name anywhere else)

      Thanks for dropping by. There are several parks around Singapore that have sand play areas.

      Our favourites are: West Coast Park, Tiong Bahru Park, Labrador Nature Reserve and Jacob Ballas Garden.

      I’ve also read that Sembawang Park, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Sun Plaza Park have sand play areas too. You could visit the National Parks Board website for more details.

      Enjoy with your kids!

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