Fabulous Daiso Finds for the Home

Fabulous Daiso Finds for the Home

Whenever the name, “Daiso” is mentioned, you’ll probably see the excited faces of most women.  That’s what happened at my recent gathering with homeschool moms. 🙂  So I thought of sharing my five fabulous finds at this $2 shop.

1. Vacuum Compression Bags
These storage bags come in various sizes and types.  The ones I usually buy come with a vacuum valve that makes compressing the bags easier.  I’ve used to store the family’s winter wear, comforter, and Hannah’s baby clothes.  It definitely frees up the much needed space in our storeroom.

2. Unseasoned Dried Kelp (Seaweed)
There are many types of seaweed in supermarkets but it not always easy to find unseasoned ones.  Daiso sells unseasoned, shredded dried kelp, which is perfect for making kelp soup.  Kelp is said to contain lots of minerals and nutrients.  The Japanese and Koreans believe that it helps rejuvenate and replenish the body.  Unlike most kids who prefer seasoned kelp, Hannah loves unseasoned ones! Yeah, my daughter’s a little eccentric.


3. Floor Wipes (Wet)
Have you had days when you were expecting guests to your house only to realise that you haven’t had time to clean the floor?  I’ve had friends or family wanting to pay me a visit but my house wasn’t in the best form.  These handy floor wipes have been my best friend ever since.  Daiso sells both wet and dry floor wipes.  While, they do not replace mopping and vacuuming, they certainly help wipe off at least some of the grime and dirt.

4. Lingerie Laundry Bag
This mesh bag does the trick to keep moulded bras and delicate lingerie safe while in the wash. It fits 2-3 bras at a time.  When it comes to laundry, I’m rather lazy and I’d welcome anything that helps save time and get the job done.

5. Kitchen Utensils
Most of my kitchen utensils come from Daiso.  Can-opener, wok spatula, whisk…anything required in the kitchen, you should be able to find it affordably at Daiso.  You can also find bakeware like a six-piece pastry cutter set for only $2!

Do you “heart” Daiso too?  Any favourite must-buys to share?  Any particular Daiso outlet that you like to visit?


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16 thoughts on “Fabulous Daiso Finds for the Home”

    1. Hi Jhanis!

      Daiso started off as a 100-yen shop in Japan. Now, you can find franchises overseas, like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Canada and the U.S.

      In Singapore, everything in the shop is tagged at $2…and I really mean everything! From makeup to laundry related items to food supplies. Lots of knick knacks and hidden “treasures”.

      If you’re visiting Singapore or any of the countries with Daiso, be sure to pop by. I think you might enjoy shopping there!

    1. Yes! Do you have any particular Daiso outlet that you enjoy visiting?

      I like going IMM’s outlet because it’s huge! 😛 Don’t really like visiting Ion’s because it’s kind of confusing and disorganised.

      1. Plaza Singapore’s outlet is pretty organised. I tend to get things quickly when I shop there. 🙂 Didn’t know that sports stadium is going to have one too. Looking forward to it!

  1. Can I shout out loud here? “I LOVE DAISO!!!!” Ok, that’s a little bit too much. But I really love DAISO! That place has the power to make me go crazily happy with the stuff I find there.

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