4 Fantastic Stories on Noah’s Ark for Children

Four fantastic Noah's Ark books for children

Other than reading the stories from the Bible, I like to include other books relating to our main story.  For instance, I found four great books about Noah and his ark.  While, not all of these story are biblically based (e.g. “The Two-By-Two Band” by David Flavell) , I find that it adds different dimension to the story, even as we look to the Bible for scripture accuracy.

  1. The Two-By-Two Band by David Flavell and Alison Bartlett
    If you have a child who loves making music, this book will definitely appeal to him.  The story talks about Noah forming a band with his animals with whatever instruments they could find onboard. The marmosets played the castanets, the pangolins on the violins and the baboons with their bassoons.  Hannah enjoyed learning the names of the different animals and their instruments. And we searched the Internet for the sounds made by these instruments.
  2.  On Noah’s Ark by Jan Brett
    Can you imagine how packed the ark might have been with all the animals? In Jan Brett’s story of Noah’s ark, she imagines Noah’s grand-daughter spending her days with animals great and small.  We love her beautiful illustrations against the papyrus background too!
  3. Noah’s Ark by Jerry Pinkney
    This Caldecott Honour book captures the courage and drama of the biblical parable beautifully.  We love the illustrations and how it was written. This picture book is our absolute favourite!
  4. I Can Read series: Noah’s Ark by Kelly Pulley
    Emergent readers will enjoy reading this story by Kelly Pulley.  The text is simple and easy to read, without compromising the gist of the parable.  At first, Hannah read bits of this story based on the words she was familiar with.  After several readings, she was able to read the entire story from memory.

These four books have been included our homeschool curriculum for the past three years.  Hannah still remembers the titles of the books and would request them from time to time.

If you would like to purchase any of these books, you may like to take advantage of the 15% discount at NoQ Online Bookstore using my discount code.  Enjoy reading!


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