Forgiveness: Joseph’s Story

Joseph forgives his brothers: Joseph's dream

The character trait for last week was on forgiveness.  We revisited the story of Joseph and how he came to forgive his brothers eventually.  While discussing with Hannah about the story, she pointed out several things that somewhat summarised the story:

  • Joseph’s dreams of his brothers’ wheat bowing down to his, and the sun, moon and 11 stars bowing down to him.
  • Joseph’s colourful coat given by his father, Jacob.
  • Joseph was thrown into a deep pit by his brothers.
  • Joseph was sold as a slave in Egypt.
  • Pharaoh recognised Joseph’s talent and wisdom.  Joseph was given a signet ring and was a powerful man in Egypt.
  • Joseph tested his brothers.
  • His brothers were afraid Joseph would punish them after Joseph revealed his identity.
  • Joseph did not punish his brothers but welcomed their family to live in Egypt with him.

Joseph forgives his brothers: Joseph's dream of sun, moon and stars


  1. Bundles of wheat: We cut up some yarn and pasted them as bundles of wheat.  Then, labelled the 12 bundles of wheat. (Great way to review counting too.)
  2. Sun, moon, stars: We stamped 11 stars and cut out shapes of the sun and moon.  I drew Joseph and Hannah coloured in his colourful coat.
  3. Colossians 3:13: This activity was taken from Hubbard’s Cupboard.  We cut out a cross and wrote the scripture verse.  Hannah wanted to depict the day that Jesus was hung on the cross.  So she added Jesus on the cross and the people weeping for him.  “Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  Our sins are washed away. ” said she.
  4. Reading about Abraham Lincoln: The letter of the week was “L”, and since we were on the topic of slavery, I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce Abraham Lincoln and his fight to abolish slavery.  We borrowed Scholastic’s “My First Biography: Abraham Lincoln” by Marion Dane Bauer.  This book gives a good overview of Abraham Lincoln to young readers.

My Reflections

As we were going through the lessons, I was prompted by God to re-examine my heart condition.  It became clear to me that as parents and as our children’s first teacher, it is important to walk the talk and to lead a life that our children could model after.  We often “preach” to our children, reminding them to do this and that.  But have our ways and thoughts live up to what’s being expected?  I’m often guilty of falling below expectations.  And like little children, we often come back to our Father to seek His forgiveness and grace.

People had asked why I wanted to homeschool Hannah as there are several established bible-centred kindergartens situated around our home.  One of my main reasons is because, I’m rediscovering God all over again, as I teach my child.  Indeed, as I homeschool, I am being taught by our Abba Father daily on life’s lessons too.

In less than three months time, we’d be welcoming a new addition to the family.  Frankly, I’m having the jitters because I’m not sure how I’ll keep my sanity and (my children’s) during the transition period.  I’m not sure how our journey will turn out, and the challenges that lies ahead.  All I can do is to keep believing that God is in control of everything, and His plans for us is perfect.


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