Harold and the Purple Crayon

Cover of "Harold and the Purple Crayon"

“Harold and the purple crayon” is one of those books that was given a “second chance”.  When Hannah was younger, I borrowed this book but she didn’t quite take a fancy to it.  Now at three, Harold is one of Hannah’s favourite story character.  She enjoys listening to how Harold drew a landscape full of wonder and excitement.  This became one of her nightly reads.  I like the story too, especially the ending when Harold finally drops off to sleep in his bed by the moonlight.

Activity: creating our fictional character

We imagined how we would look like if we were in a story, like Harold.  With some help, Hannah created her very own story character.  She wanted to wear pyjamas printed with a teddy bear, a pink tutu, and an orange beanie to complete her look.  It sure seems like a fashion disaster, but we did have lots of fun doodling! Haha!

Activity to accompany the story, "Harold and the purple crayon"

If you enjoyed this book as much as we did, remember to check out “The Carrot Seed” where Crockett Johnson is the illustrator too.  Read about our activities and lessons from the Carrot Seed here.


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