Picture This: National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore: Masak Masak

It’s Children’s Season again!  Every June holidays, we look forward to the various children’s programmes and exhibitions in Singapore.  Most of the programmes are free.  Although, as homeschoolers, our schedule stays pretty much the same, it’s always welcoming to have more places to enjoy.  The only worry was the crowd!  Last week, we headed down to the National Museum of Singapore for some fun.

National Museum of Singapore: Masak Masak

The exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore entitled “Masak Masak” (meaning cooking in Malay; also refers to kids’ play in local terms) features games of yesteryear. It was reminisce for me as those were the games I grew up with.

National Museum of Singapore: Children's Season

There were three levels of fun for the children; including the newly opened Play@NMS (level 3).  This is a dedicated area for young children to explore interactive exhibits and encourage creativity through crafts and play.  I like that there were activities catered for both young and older children.

At the end of the day, I asked Hannah the activities she fondly remembers.  Without hesistation, she highlighted the ball game (I had much trouble getting her to move on from there.) and the cooking area located at Play@NMS.  She had lots of fun frying her Laksa and Roti Prata (local food delights) with the other children.

National Museum of Singapore: Play at NMS

Masak Masak ends on 3 August 2014.  Opens from 10am to 6pm.  Admission is free.

National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road
Singapore 178897


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5 thoughts on “Picture This: National Museum of Singapore”

  1. I just brought my kids there and we love it! This year’s exhibits and programmes are so much more engaging for the kids, somehow. Looking forward to next year’s.

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