Listen Buddy: Lessons on Being Attentive

Cover page of "Listen Buddy" by Helen Lester.

Following  Hubbard’s Cupboard and ABC Jesus Loves Me curricula, we’ve been focusing much on character traits.  Coincidentally,  the learning material for Hannah’s Sunday School also discusses on the qualities of the Fruit of the Spirit.

For the week, our character trait was of “Attentiveness“.  This is one trait we struggle with from time to time.  One of the books we remembered vividly from the lesson was, “Listen Buddy” by Helen Lester.


The theme revolves around a bunny named Buddy who was having a difficult time paying attention because his mind was always wandering.  Whenever Buddy’s parents asked him for one thing, he gave them something else.  Finally, Buddy learned his lesson the hard way.  He took the wrong path and wandered into the cave of Scruffy Varmint (whom I think was a wolf), who nearly had Buddy for his lunch.

What We Love

We love the silly rhymes that Buddy came up with.  Like bringing home a basketful of wash instead of squash, and slicing a bed instead of bread.  What’s more, the book shares the frustration of Buddy’s parents (and mine too). They’ve tried shouting, they’ve tried whispering.  Nothing works.

This book helped drive the point of listening actively: body still, mouth closed, eyes watching, ears listening and heart is calm; to be focused.  Listening carefully keeps one safe from danger, and helps us get things done correctly.  It doesn’t sound as if Mama’s the one telling Hannah to be more attentive, rather the story unfolds itself to the child.

Preschool activities for "Listen Buddy"

Accompanying Activities

  1. Create Buddy’s ears:  We made bunny ears out of construction paper.  At the back, I used a ribbon to form a crown so that it’s easy for Hannah to put on and take off.
  2. Identify the right requests: As we re-read the story, Hannah has to make right the requests.  E.g. It should squash instead of wash.
  3. Play “Simon Says” game: We played “Simon Says” game to reiterate the importance of hearing instructions carefully.
  4. Draw what I draw: This game was suggested from ABC Jesus Loves Me.  Hannah had to draw what I drew on paper.  It wasn’t easy for her as she’s one who liked to draw however and whatever she wants.  It didn’t take long for her to change the rules – for me to follow what she draws.

Share With Me

What activities do you come up with to get your kids to listen attentively?


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