Celebrating Father’s Day: Crafts and Books

Celebrating Father's Day: Ideas and Books

As we approach Father’s Day this Sunday, we decided to spend the week celebrating and thanking our man in the house.  These are the crafts and children’s books we love.

Showing Appreciation

I asked Hannah what she would like to give to Daddy as her way of thanking him for all that he had done.  I was surprised to hear her reply: a heart-shaped card and a red bag.  I didn’t expect her reply to be so specific.  I thought she’d just say, a card and present.  Guess this three-year-old knows what she wants now.

So we made the heart-shaped card she wanted.  She chose the colour, cut the card (I outlined the shape first) and she did the rest.  For the message inside, I asked Hannah what she was thankful for, and how she wanted to tell Daddy she loves him.  I was her scribe for this project.  It taught me to listen and take instructions from her, rather than trying to take lead.

As for the red bag, I had an idea what Daddy needed.  He’s been participating more marathons this year, and as part of his training, he tries to run home from work. So I bought a haversack that’s suitable for running.

Celebrating Father's Day: Front View of Card

Last week, Hannah’s Sunday School teachers taught the class how to make this cute Father’s Day card.  It’s two little hands opening up to the words, “Daddy, I love you SO MUCH!”

Celebrating Father's Day: Inside View of Card


Children’s Books About Fathers

Here are the books celebrating fathers that we’ve (and I really meant the two of us) enjoyed.

Children's books about fathers: Wo Yao Dang Ba Ba

我要当爸爸 (I want to be Daddy) by 火狐

There are many times when Hannah tells me she wants to be like Daddy and Mama.  This is an interesting Chinese children’s book that sheds some light into the lives of Daddy and Mama.  There’s another book about mothers. It discusses some of the things parents are always busy with.  Like moms have to cook, do the laundry and dads got to work late at times.  It helps Hannah understand why there are times we can’t play with her just yet, and why Daddy can’t come home on time.


Celebrating Father's Day: children's books about fathers

Me and My Dad! by Alison Ritchie

We borrowed the Chinese edition of this book.  The book talks about all the special things Daddy bear and baby bear enjoy together: exploring in the wild, piggyback rides and dancing in the rain.


Celebrating Father's Day: children's books about fathers

Kisses for Daddy by Frances Watts

We borrowed this in Chinese edition as well.  This book resonates with Hannah as Daddy is usually the one doing the bedtime routine with her.  And like Baby bear, there are times when she refuses to wash up.  So Daddy resorts to little games to get her going.


Celebrating Father's Day: children's books about fathers

Katy Duck Goes to Work by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Hannah had a chance of visiting Daddy at work, and boy, did she enjoyed herself.  She likes typing on Daddy’s keyboard, drawing with Daddy’s pen, and talking to the grown-ups.  This book brings wonderful memories of those times Hannah spent at Daddy’s office.


Celebrating Father's Day: children's books about fathers

Because Your Daddy Loves You by Andrew Clements

Hannah enjoys spending the day by the beach.  This book shares the memorable moments of Daddy and his little girl.  Hannah particularly enjoys reading the part where the little girl cries “Daddy!” when she wakes up from a bad dream, and her Daddy stays with her until she falls asleep.  It’s like that for the both of them too.  Daddy’s her superhero. 🙂


How are you spending your Father’s Day?


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