Happy Third Birthday, Hannah!


Can you believe it? Hannah’s three now!

This year, we didn’t hold any birthday party.  Just a simple trip to the Singapore Zoo the day before her birthday.  Alas! It rained so hard that we couldn’t finish our tour.  So we decided to do another visit on Hannah’s birthday.

We received a birthday badge at the ticketing counter that entitles us to:

  • Free admission to Singapore Zoo for the birthday girl;
  • 10% off retail and F&B outlets; and
  • Complimentary ice-cream for the birthday girl.

Hannah was so excited to receive a birthday badge.  She was brimming with joy as she flashed her badge to people wherever she went.

Birthday at the Singapore Zoo

We thank God for the beautiful weather – the cool air and clouds to keep the heat away.  The birthday girl enjoyed the “Elephants at Work and Play Show” and “The Rainforest Fights Back Show”.

We got to see a giraffe up close and personal, during the feeding session.  Hannah wanted to feed the giraffe but it ended up that Daddy had to do it.  I think she didn’t expect the giraffe to come that close to her; sticking its blue-black tongue out at her. 🙂

Kid's birthday celebration at the Singapore Zoo.

A Birthday Wish…

Blessed birthday, dear Hannah!  I can’t believe you’re already three!

I clearly remember your cries, the late nights we stayed up to soothe you to sleep, the smell of your vomit, the fear and helplessness we felt when faced with your colic and stomach reflux.

There were many nights, we didn’t know how to pull it off.

I want to thank God for seeing us through each season.  I wouldn’t have made it so far without His grace, love and encouragement.

Hannah, you’ve taught me many priceless lessons of life.  Your wacky ways and your infectious laughter…who can forget that?

There are many days I wish I was a better mother.  Times when I wish I could erase what I’ve said out of anger, out of frustration.

I know the “sorry” won’t take away what’s already said.  I pray for more patience and love; to be a better mom.

I wish you’ll never lose that child-like faith.  I wish you’ll always smile, even at the storm because the Lord’s grace and peace will always be sufficient.

Thank you for being my daughter, Hannah.  I’m so thankful to God for the chance to be your mother.

You’ll always be my little sunshine.  I love you!


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