Butterfly Light Award


Thank You…

Thank you Coach of “Good Time Stories” for awarding me with the “Butterfly Light Award”.  I’ve always enjoyed reading your heartwarming short stories and uplifting quotes of the day.  You’ve indeed helped spread love, joy and encouragement through your blog.  🙂

I’m not sure how awards like this come about but thank you Belinda of “Idiot Writing” for creating this.  The badge is beautiful!


Why I started Homeschool Crafts…

I started this blog slightly over a year ago with two motives:

(1) to document my days with Hannah and when she’s old enough to read it, we’ll reminisce all that we’ve done, and appreciate the ups and downs of motherhood (when she becomes a mother too).

(2) to share what I’ve learned with others.  It’s kind of pay it forward as I’ve learned a great deal about homeschooling, parenthood, home-making from fellow bloggers too.

Through blogging, I’ve met some really wonderful parents and bloggers that encouraged me through the difficult moments, laughed with me and shared their giveaways and great deals (I just can’t get enough of those!)

My blog may just be one of those hundred thousands (maybe millions) out there; sharing the same stuff, talking about the same things.  Unlike most blogs, I never hit 100 views a day, I don’t post every day and I don’t have hundreds of followers.  Honestly, I’m amazed at how moms could juggle with housework, teaching, minding kids and blogging all at a time! There are plenty of times, I’ll ask myself how do they do that? How do they enjoy sponsorship etc?  I’ll be honest.  Sometimes I’m green with envy.

But I’m always reminded to be faithful in the small things.  My heart’s desire is see parents spend quality time with their children. My heart aches when I hear moms say they don’t have the time to read with their children (too many housework to finish…too many distractions…), or think that they are inadequate to teach their children.  The children wouldn’t learn anything at home (so they’re better off in the hands of others…)  Aren’t we as their parents, the most qualified to guide our children, inspire and help them dream big?

I’m not trained in early childhood education.  Never been a preschool teacher.  Every day I’m still learning something new.  I’m just an average mom relying on God’s strength and wisdom to go through each day.

I hope with however little I’m sharing, parents find encouragement to do simple (and cost-free) activities and read beautiful stories with their children – just spending time listening and playing with them. It’s wonderful to see how their faces light up when they stumble upon a “eureka!” moment.


Pass It On…

I said quite a fair bit…phew!  Now, to nominate a fellow blogger who has let her light shine…

Meg of We Live, Love, and Learn

I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts, learning a tip or two from you, and remembering to be grateful for little things in life.  Here’s to you!


The Usual…

Okay, here are the rules (extracted from Coach’s post):

  1. Write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them. YOU MAY NOT lump this award in with other awards.
  2. You must individually name and re-award at least 1 or more bloggers. You must let them know either personally with a comment on their blog OR a pingback on their about page.
  3. You must link back to Belinda’s blog.
  4. You must write a short paragraph titled either “How I’m Spreading Light” OR “How I’m A Positive Influence”
  5. Display Belinda’s beautiful “Butterfly Light Award” badge on your blog.

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