Sticker Label Art: Building Colourful Homes

Preschool sticker label art

Recently, my mom gave me a stack of sticker labels which she found around her house.  I wasn’t sure what to do with so many of them until I decided we could try this…

I passed Hannah a sheet of sticker labels and some markers, and told her to colour the labels however she please.  Once the little artist is happy with her colours, I gave her a sheet of plain paper to stick the labels on.  She’s into building skyscrapers and cities these days, so I asked if she would like to create colourful buildings with these labels.

Without hesitation, Hannah was busy peeling the stickers off and sticking them one on top of the other.  She was building her houses.  After all the pasting, we drew in the neighbourhood.  She drew many stick people in red.

I was rather curious of her colour choice, and asked if there was any special reason for using only red.  She replied, “It’s Chinese New Year.  People are going visiting.”  I’m amazed with the wonderful stories children can come up with!

Preschool art: fun with sticker labels


Moms, what would you do with a stack of sticker labels?  I’d love to get some ideas from you. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Sticker Label Art: Building Colourful Homes”

  1. I’ve been meaning to write a comment on this post for a few days, so here it goes:
    Love the idea of letting kids design their own stickers. Kids just love stickers for some reason and letting them practice their artist skills is a really good combo. Smart idea you came up with.
    I’m not a mum, but an aunt who spends a lot of time with her little darlings, so hope that qualifies me for a sticker suggestion. Bambi and Cinderella have used stickers (the kind that come with the magazines and that never end up used in the purpose the magazine designed them for), anyway where was I? Oh yes, they have used them for personalising their furniture, like we have at our house a plain white kids table and chairs from Ikea, so we let them use the magazine stickers to decorate their furniture. Bambi’s chair is covered in Thomas the Tank Engine, Percy and so on and Cinderella has Peppa Pig, George and so on and butterflies on her chair. So maybe Hannah could design her own stickers to personalise some furniture of hers, assuming you don’t mind of course.
    Oh and I do love her houses, they are very good.

    1. Hi Karrie!

      Thanks so much for dropping by and giving me a great suggestion! Yes, kids all love stickers, don’t they? Personalising Hannah’s things will come in handy, when her sibling arrives (no squabbling over things). 🙂

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