Taiwan Getaway 2: Carton King and Rainbow Village

Taiwan holiday: Carton King

During our 9-day Taiwan getaway, one of the stopover was Taichung.  Two photo worthy spots (and fun for the kid) were Carton King and Rainbow Village.


Carton King

If you’re a paper enthusiast, you’ll love Carton King.  There are beautiful and interesting cardboard structures to admire.  Hannah enjoyed the rocking horse made of corrugated board (it’s big enough to hold the weight of a child).  There’s even a restaurant where their decor and furniture are made of cardboard too.  The little girl was delighted to find various cardboard replica of monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  She was the first to spot it and ran to tell us about them.  It “clicked” with her since we read about these structures not too long ago.

It’s a nice spot to drop by, snap lovely photos and soak in the coolness of the day and all its beauty.

(P/s: The man in the photo with Hannah was our guide-cum-driver.  It was a different tour experience for us since this is our first time hiring guide to take us around.)


Taiwan holiday: Rainbow Village


Rainbow Village

Our next photo worthy spot brings us to Rainbow Village – a military dependents’ village.  It’s a quirky little nook rather than a village.  Comprising of several houses, the bright colours on the walls were painted by a retired war veteran whose almost a 100 years old.  It started out of interest but news of his paintings went viral when several university students discovered them.

Our guide explained that the government had intentions of demolishing the village to make way for urbanisation.  But with the rising popularity of this spot, they decided to hold off their plans.  This once quiet and forgotten village is now a must-see spot in Taichung.  The artist still lives in the village and continues to paint the walls even today.

You can cover the entire village within 15-30 minutes, then head down to the playground beside for an afternoon ice-cream delight (bought from nearby push carts) while watching the kids play.

Our two photo worthy spots in Taiwan, suitable for families with young kids. Enjoy!


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