Taiwan Getaway: Flying Cow Ranch

Taiwan Holiday: Flying Cow Ranch

This must have been my longest blogging hiatus!  The family was out in Taiwan for two weeks.  Then, Hannah was hit with a case of food poisoning.  I’m not sure how and when as everyone ate the same food.  I’m just very thankful that she was down only on the last day, on the road home.  The little girl is recovering well and is taking probiotics at the moment.

Our highlight for the trip must be the Flying Cow Ranch (飞牛牧场) in Miaoli.  It was a different experience for us, city dwellers, to bask in a slower paced country life.  The weather in early April has been cool, approximately 16-23°C.  My husband and I were very much reminded of our early days in Gippsland, Australia.

There are many activities (both paid and free) for families to enjoy.  I’ve noticed many local families spending their weekends at the ranch too.  Most have brought kites to fly.  Forgotten to bring one? Fret not, there are one or two makeshift booths selling kites as you drive up the hill to Flying Cow Ranch.

A quick lowdown on the paid activities: animal feeds, pony rides and farm tours (seated in a tram) require a small fee.

The rest e.g. the DIY activities and milking the cow are free. 🙂  The scheduled DIY activities include learning to make custard cakes, Taiwanese mochi and  ice cream.

Taiwan Getaway: Flying Cow Ranch

I figured Hannah enjoyed her pony ride the most!  She was raving about it for days (even though it was simply three short rounds).  The little girl managed to feed the animals without buying the feed (hint: look around the fences for uneaten leaves/feeds).  Then, we took a long stroll down to the dairy to milk the cow.  On the way there, we stopped by a playground for some sand fun.

The entire ranch could easily be covered over two days.  I guess that is why most locals choose to spend their weekend getaway at Flying Cow Ranch too.

Another thing, thumbs up for the lodging and food!  Clean and spacious accommodation.  You should try their signature milk hot pot, where the broth is cow’s milk.  I love their milk candy too.  They provide samples in the room. Hannah enjoys their milk mantou (Chinese steamed bun), while my husband enjoys their malt flavoured milk (you get a sample too!).  So you’ll probably understand why we spend a good amount of time at the gift shop, stocking goodies for the family and ourselves. 🙂

Flying Cow Ranch, Taiwan – a good holiday spot for families with young children.


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