Walk This World

Book review of "Walk This World"

Our book of the week, “Walk This World“, by Jenny Broom and Lotta Nieminen, transports us to a different country with every turn of the page.  We start at her home in New York and travel to different parts of the world, like Brazil, Japan and Russia.  I like how we began the story bright and early in New York, travel throughout the day, and finally returning home at night.

As it is an interactive book with flaps (more than 80 flaps!), Hannah was engrossed lifting the flaps, hoping to find a surprise underneath it.  On each page, we tried to spot the country flag, local icons and its native flora and fauna.  I didn’t have to prepare any materials to go along with the book!  We did however, locate each country on the world map.  That gives us a better picture where each country is.

Inside pages of "Walk This World"

In Hannah’s exact words, “I like this book because there are a lot to open”.  We also tried to create short stories from the illustrations or guess what each person in the picture is doing or heading to next.

For me, I love its concluding sentence, “that though we might look different, underneath we’re just the same.”

Have fun walk(ing) this world with your children!


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