Picture This: Balloon Paradise at Marina Square Shopping Mall

It’s the final days of the March holidays for school children, and Marina Square Shopping Mall has put up a wonderful exhibition, “Balloon Paradise”, for the kids!  Happening from today to Sunday, 23 Mar 2014, catch life-sized pirates, pharaohs, gigantic flowers and more at the Central Atrium of Marina Square Shopping Mall.  Admission is free.

We were there bright and early at around 10.30am.  There weren’t many people around so we were able to take photos and admire the sculpted balloons.

The crowds began streaming in around 11am.  By lunch time, it was packed with children, grandparents, and office workers on their lunch breaks.

Balloon Paradise at Marina Square Shopping Mall

The pirate ship looked awesome!  Based on Singapore Book of Records, it’s Singapore’s tallest balloon sculpture.  Hannah asked to climb onboard the ship with the pirates several times!  Sadly, I had to tell her we couldn’t…

On the whole, Hannah was definitely intrigued by the sculptures.  I guess she (even I) couldn’t figure how the balloons could be tied together to create such lovely pieces.  Initially, I wasn’t sure if the exhibition was worth going.  But I’m glad we did.  I’m very thankful that it was held indoors since it was a hazy day today.  

In the end, we visited the exhibition three times before we left the shopping mall. 🙂

Balloon Paradise at Marina Square Shopping Mall

They conduct workshops for children who wish to learn balloon sculpting too.  It’s $12 per child; open for children 3 to 12 years old.  Check out the website of Marina Square Shopping Mall for more information.


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