Picture This: Westgate Wonderland – S’pore’s Largest Outdoor Mall Playground

Westgate Wonderland - Singapore's largest mall playground

Thank you moms for your sharing your invaluable experiences on juggling pregnancy woes and caring for your older child.  I try now to bring Hannah out once a week when I’m not too queasy (instead of doing housework or keeping up with our school schedule).  I arrange a playdate with other homeschooling families so Hannah gets to meet her friends and I get some time with other mothers too.

Feeling adventurous last week, we went with another family to Westgate Wonderland – Singapore’s largest outdoor mall playground. We didn’t even try to cover the entire 11,000-square-foot outdoor playground on Westgate’s Level 4.  We stayed mainly at the playground for 2-5 year olds, and tried venturing into the playground for 5-12 year olds (this section was packed with older and young children! When things got a little out of control, we returned to the playground for younger kids.)

Westgate Wonderland - Singapore's largest mall playground

The entire playground theme revolves around a garden life and activities – large musical flowers, giant insects, enormous watering can that sprays water, and a 10-metre tall tree house.

Westgate Wonderland - Singapore's largest mall playground

Westgate Wonderland - musical flowers

These blue bells generate music when touched.  Hannah and the other children were having fun tapping the flowers, and creating music.

Westgate Wonderland - giant insects

The children love to climb on the backs of these giant insects (and a frog)! Hannah enjoys sliding off the wings of this dragonfly.

Westgate Wonderland, Singapore

Westgate Wonderland - giant ladybug

I was worried that the weather might get too hot for the children.  Thankfully, there were large canopies (in the form of flowers) that provided shelter.  Parents and children can also rest on benches and stools (like this cute acorn above; look behind Hannah).  The colourful flags around the playground sheltered the sun’s glare.  It was all good.  We stayed up until 11.40am before heading off to JEM (another shopping mall next to Westgate) for lunch.

Westgate Wonderland, Singapore

Another nice spot to rest – swings in the shape of pumpkins.

Overall Experience

Hannah and her friends enjoyed themselves thoroughly!  I think she prefers the playground for older children as there were lots of ropes, swings and areas for climbing, swinging and jumping.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the playground.  The scene was pretty chaotic with swinging, screaming kids!

We’d definitely go again! This time, Daddy needs to come along to help Hannah with the swings and climbing bars.

Oh before I forget, admission is free!  Yes, the entire playground is free for children and parents!

Westgate Wonderland opens from 10am to 10pm daily.

Advertisement on the Westgate Wonderland experience


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