My First Book of Teochew Words

My First Book of Teochew Words Book Review

We were excited to stumble upon this book, “My First Book of Teochew Words” by Koh Kuan Eng in the library!  (Although, I wasn’t sure why it was found in the Adult Lending Section only.)

My husband is 100% Teochew (both his parents are Teochew). He communicates with his family and relatives in that dialect most of the time.  For me, I’m 100% Hokkien (50% Peranakan; my mom’s a Nyonya).  Growing up in a Peranakan family, we normally converse in Baba Malay (a mishmash of Bahasa Melayu and Hokkien).

We knew we wanted our children to follow this tradition of speaking dialects.  Besides, having the grandparents speak to Hannah in dialects, we constantly search for other useful ways to expose her to the languages.

Book review of "My First Book of Teochew Words"

“My First Words of Teochew Words” has been an excellent teaching material.  It’s created in a flash card manner, and has colourful illustrations so it makes teaching 2-3 year olds a lot easier.  I don’t speak Teochew at all so the intonation was a great help, as I learn the dialect.  (Of course, with lots of help from my parents-in-law and husband too.)

The book teaches 50 everyday items e.g. doll, pencil, hat, slippers etc.  Within the week, Hannah and I were able to list several items in Teochew.  Hannah’s first and favourite word – “Ang Kong Kia” (meaning “doll” in Teochew).

There are other books in the series that teaches Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka and Hainanese too.  You can purchase these books online or at Kinokuniya.  Or simply head down to your nearest library to borrow a copy. 🙂


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