Letter of the Week: N is for….

The “Letter of the Week” theme is very popular among preschoolers (do a google and you’ll find out how many parents are doing this!)  I don’t blog every “Letter of the Week” activities, just those that we had a lot of fun (and mess) creating.

Letter N Crafts

Letter of the week - N theme

N is for Newspaper

We searched in the newspaper for words that begin with the letter “N” and we would stick them on our letter “N” poster.

N is for Nest

Our nest looks more like peas and spaghetti! LOL!  You try making your little nest using:

  1. Yarn
  2. Pom-poms
  3. Adhesive felt
  4. Colored glue pens
  5. White glue
  6. Ikea’s Mala paper or any thick paper

Hannah slopped glue all over the paper, and pasted the yarn.  This is the “nest”.  To make the chicks, I cut pom-poms in half and pasted them onto our nest.  I used adhesive felt to make their little beaks.  Then dot some colored glue for their eyes.  Leave them to dry.

Because the little girl used a whole LOT of glue, it took some time to dry.  While waiting, she decided to use water color to paint the background.  Final product? A red mama bird and her green chicks!

N is for Nativity

Instead of the manger, we made the angel who announced to the shepherds that Christ was born.  We used shapes to create the angel – 2 ovals, 1 circle and 1 triangle (a great way to review shapes).  Using florescent colored glue pens, I showed Hannah how to create stars.  We ended up with colored glue all over the table, hands, clothes and all…

N is for Nightingale

Hannah enjoyed reading “The Emperor and the Nightingale” (Usborne First Reading edition).  The story was simple for her to follow along and she was able to mimic the various animals mentioned in the story e.g. the frog, the cow and the golden mechanical nightingale.

We also learned about Florence Nightingale through the Popcorn: History Corner series.  Written by Kay Barnham, it’s an easy reading for little children to learn about the people in history.  There’s even a page that teaches children how to make a sling.

N is for Nightingale


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