Activities for “Angus Lost” (Chinese Edition) and “The Snowy Day”

With the cool, windy breezes during the year end, this is almost like “winter” for tropical Singapore.  We are now in February and the winds are still cold.  So I thought it would be nice to read snow and winter themed stories with Hannah.  The stories I’ve chosen were “Angus Lost” by Marjorie Flack and “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats.

Printables for Angus Lost

“Angus Lost” Activities

Hannah enjoyed other “Angus” books, like “Angus and the Cat”.  So she was excited to find out Angus’ adventures in this read.

We borrowed a Chinese edition of “Angus Lost” since the English one was already on loan.  It was a different experience for us as we read the story in Chinese and completed the activities in English.  I threw in some Chinese materials like, for our peg game, I wrote the items in Chinese.  As Hannah identified the beginning sounds of the items in English, we also learned what it was called in Chinese.

I printed several Chinese words of things found in the story.  E.g.:

Owl – 猫头鹰

Dog – 狗

Snow – 雪

Milk – 牛奶

Then, we matched the Chinese characters to the pictures in the book.  The peg game and rhyming activity (seen above) were printed from Homeschool Creations.


You may also enjoy other “Angus Lost” activities from Homeschool Share where children learn about the letter “D”, how to take care of their pets, and have fun with “Dog Lotto”.


“The Snow Day” Activities

After our second reading of “The Snowy Day”, Hannah had a go with the story sequence using the Homeschool Share printables.


In the Homeschool Share printable pack, we also learned the color white, and the letter “S”.  We had much fun with Jolanthe’s printable pack too.  We matched the clothes and things one would do on a sunny/rainy/snowy day.  Lots of tracing worksheets are found in the pack.


Next, we learned animal tracks with “Mystery Animal Tracks – A Photo Riddle Book” and created our animal tracks with play dough.

Remember how the snow melted in Peter’s pocket?  To replace snow, I put some ice cubes in a rag.  After completing our other activities, we went back to see the result of our ice cubes.  We discussed where the ice had disappeared to, why the rag was wet, and why this occurrence happened.


More activities on “The Snowy Day”


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