Bible Heroes – Gideon, Joshua and David

Bible Heroes Activities - Stories of Gideon and Joshua.

The Bible is full of action-packed stories where God used yielding, ordinary people to do the unthinkable, extraordinary works.  We see three Bible heroes back-to-back in the Old Testament – Joshua (Joshua 5:13–6:20), Gideon (Judges 6–8) and David (1 Samuel 17:1-50).

As the Bible stories were told consecutively over three weeks, we recycled some of the “props” used.  Here’s an outline of what we did:

Joshua and the battle of Jericho

We built the tower of Jericho using plastic blocks, and rolled paper into horns.  After reading the story, we sang the song, “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho” and marched around our tower while blowing our horns and shouting, “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” (I asked Hannah what the Israelites might have shouted, and she replied those praises.)


It was amazing to read how Gideon and his men won the battle without lifting a sword.  Gideon had his men blow trumpets, light torches in empty jars that they smashed to confuse their enemies. Our torches was made with toilet paper rolls and orange construction paper for the “flames”.  We decorated our torches using Dot-A-Dot art markers.

As we read our story, we re-enact the scene by blowing our trumpets (borrowed from the story of David), and re-using the plastic blocks as jars this time.  Hannah enjoyed making the sounds of broken jars, “Smash!”, “Pish!”, and waving her torches from left to right.

Bible Heroes Activities - Stories of David.

David and Goliath

This was, by far, Hannah’s favorite story.  We made a sling shot out of aluminum foil (as it was easy to mold into shape, though it was rather flimsy) and a rubber band, and five smooth stones out of play dough.

To help Hannah have rough picture of Goliath’s height, I measured a long strip of Ikea’s Mala paper and laid it on the floor.  Have Hannah lie on the paper and drew her outline, then compared it to Goliath’s height.  Boy, he was really really tall!

Our songs of the week were “Only a boy named David” and “Little David play on your harp“. These two songs were new to both of us. They were introduced on Hubbard’s Cupboard.  I didn’t sing these songs in Sunday School while growing up, so I had no inkling how the songs went.  Thankfully, for the Internet, I managed to hear the songs and memorized the lyrics before I taught Hannah.

Additionally, throughout the three weeks, we always sang, “I’m in the Lord’s army“.  Hannah knows this song so well that she’ll sometimes randomly burst out singing while having bath, or when she’s playing on her own.  Haha!

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