Walkabout Esplanade and Merlion Park


In December, we ventured much of Singapore as a family.  One of our walkabouts brought us out of Raffles Place MRT station and onto the streets of Esplanade and the Merlion Park.


Back then, while working in the Central Business District, I didn’t notice these art murals at Raffles Place MRT Station.  Today, Hannah was the first to spot them and asked what they were.  The paintings told a story of Singapore in its early years – from a sleepy fishing village to a busy sea port.


Hannah enjoyed waving goodbye to tourists as they sat the bumboats and cruise along the Singapore River.


It was a leisurely morning for us.  Hannah spontaneously lazed on the pavement and watched the pigeons feed.  As we walked along Singapore River, we saw many sculptures that depict early Singapore.  One of which was of five naked boys diving off the bridge and going for a swim.


The Merlion and the Singapore skyline – iconic symbols of Singapore.  We’ve read about the Merlion in story books, seen it on the $1 coin but it’s Hannah’s first to see the statue up-close.  Her first comment? “It’s so big, Mama”.

It was a refreshing experience for us as we felt like tourists in our own country.  These were places we rarely visited and by taking a slower pace for the day, we managed to catch a different glimpse of Singapore.


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